What is a certified picture framer


Through the Professional Picture Framer’s Association’s (PPFA) Certified Picture Framer® (CPF®) Program, a framer’s knowledge is tested in such areas as mounting, glazing, frame cutting, preservation methods and the proper materials to be used in framing projects.  A framer who passes the extensive exam earns the framer’s mark of excellence, the CPF® designation. Fewer than 4,000 individuals worldwide have achieved CPF® status since the program’s inception in 1986. The  CPF® program was created to raise the standards of the framing profession, improved education within the industry, and recognize those framers who demonstrate a higher knowledge & skill in the framing profession.


The CPF® is acquired through an extensive written exam and must be achieved before attempting the MCPF® evaluation.


The MCPF® designation is the highest level of professional recognition in the framing industry and is earned through demonstration of technical skill and knowledge. Achieving the MCPF® designation requires a candidate to meet rigorous qualifications, including successful completion of a hands-on custom framing examination administered by PPFA and demonstrating a thorough knowledge of preservation framing.

Few attempt this level of certification and fewer achieve it.

Framing Elegance has southern Australia’s only Master certified Picture Framer (MCPF®) on staff and Wayne is one of only 70 such certified picture framers in the world.

The skills and expertise of the MCPF® are highly regarded and eagerly sought by museums, galleries and individuals who recognize the importance of using trained and skilled professionals to handle and frame their artworks.


CPF® and MCPF® certified individuals must undergo continued training and a re certification process to remain current and this ensures that the information and skills offered to their customers is current and part of industry best practice.