What do you frame?
We are custom picture framers and as such frame many items. We specialize in fine art, original artworks, oil paintings, water colours, limited edition prints, certificates, photographs and just about anything of sentimental value.

What machinery do you use?
Our framing equipment is current and state of the art. We are the proud owners of a Swiss made Gunnar F1 Hybrid computerised mat cutter (mat cutting, debossing, decorative cutouts, corners and words, and text, lines and graphics with the pen tool), an Italian underpinner (V-nailer) and double mitre saw. Perfect for high quality custom framing.

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French matting on an antique engraving

What materials do you use?
We use quality materials (primarily preservation grade) sourced from local and overseas and favour those suppliers and materials which come from renewable and sustainable sources, such as plantation grown timbers.

Where do you frame the images?                                                                         We complete all of the custom picture framing for you in our own workshop, using qualified staff, some of the most up to date equipment and mounting techniques appropriate for each individual item, with an emphasis on preservation and maximizing the life of your items.

Glazing – We offer the Tru Vue conservation and museum grade glass which blocks 99% of harmful UV light, as well as acrylic and traditional 2mm glass.

Mounting – Framing Elegance uses Crescent Cotton Rag and Alpha Cellulose mat boards. (Rag mats are pure cotton and museum grade, Alpha mats are lignin free timber pulp and generally rated preservation grade).

What is Preservation Framing?
Sometimes incorrectly called conservation framing, preservation framing has two main aims; the first being the utilisation of appropriate techniques and materials to protect and enhance valuable artworks and slow the aging process. The second aim is to ensure that the artwork be able to be returned to the customer, if removed from the frame, in the same state as it was originally supplied. We are one of the few framers who specialize in this field and have qualified and trained staff to guide you through the process of prolonging the life of your art.

picture framing, framing a picture, original artwork

Framed original oil painting by Wayne Milner

 How do I care for my frame once it’s home?

First – do not leave your finished framed artwork in the car, take it straight home. Temperature changes can and do damage artworks very quickly. In some cases it can be a matter of a few minutes. Never hang or place artworks in direct sunlight, this can lead to fading and deformation of the item. Any light can be damaging. Do not hang artworks in or near sources of heat or humidity, eg. over the fireplace, in bathrooms, etc. Keep artworks clean and free of dust. Use a soft microfibre cloth. When cleaning the glass do not spray onto the glass itself, instead spray an ammonia free cleaner onto the microfibre cloth and clean with small circular movements.

How much does custom framing cost?
There is no simple answer to this question as the price depends on the image size, the frame type, glazing and matting used. An A4 size image with a single mat, 2mm glass and a simple frame would cost between $100 – $150. The same image with Italian hand finished frame, museum glass and rag mats could be anywhere from $250 to $1500. The choice is up to you.

What are your trading terms and conditions?
Payment – EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard and Direct Payments.
Deposit – a deposit is required and is non refundable once materials have been ordered.
Collection – items must be collected within 60 days of the completion date.