Our culture

The culture at Framing Elegance can be defined as the way we do things and what we stand for as a business and personally. This set of values is not static and continues to evolve. We believe that we have become the one of the preferred framers in the country due in part to our values and ethics.

Let’s work through some of the values that we consider important in no particular order:

Staff members at Framing Elegance believe that the business and its staff have an obligation to support and be involved in the local community so all can prosper. The business directly offers a service and employment within and to the community. Staff members have been involved in assisting with organising community events such as “The Summer Nights Festival” in Traralgon and the “Christmas Parade” in Sale. The business has sponsored charities such as “The Five Star Foundation” in Sale via Dancing With our Stars and in Traralgon, “Gippsland Rotary Centenary House” via Rotary to name but a couple. We also sponsor several art and photographic shows including the Tyers Art Show and the Sale Agricultural Show. Several times through the year, in the Traralgon store, you can find exhibitions by local artists and photographers and training classes in an assortment of topics.

Here at Framing Elegance we are enthusiastic and passionate what we do. We retail, we design and we manufacture luxury items for the most discerning of customers and without passion, we could not offer the best to our many happy customers.

Creativity and Design:
Our philosophy with regards to picture framing is that the item being framed should be the main feature and focus and the actual framing is there to enhance and protect the image or item. Basically if you are looking at the framing we have not done our job properly. Your personal preferences and tastes are taken on board, your home decor is ascertained and the actual item being framed are all looked at before we offer any design options.


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We actively support and incorporate sustainable operating practices where possible which benefits the business and the community. Examples of this are all cardboard and paper products are sent for recycling, timber frame material comes predominately from plantation grown and certified sources, the workshop has a 4.5 Kw system of solar panels and is a net exporter of electricity to the grid (in the first 12 months of operation the system has saved 8500 kg of CO2 being pumped into the environment) and water is collected in rain water tanks with excess used to water the gardens.

This covers not only the finished framed item but also the materials and techniques used and the information and service offered by our staff. Standard materials available for your framing projects include preservation grade alpha cellulose and cotton rag mat boards, 99% UV blocking glazing and quality timber frames.


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As a small family run business we understand the importance of achieving a good work life mix and are flexible to the needs and requests of our staff where possible.  You can find two generations working in the business and sometimes a third generation when a little helper drops in to help out

Innovation and Excellence:

These values are at the core of who we are and what we stand for. Always looking for innovative ways to complete a framing project and with excellence at the heart of everything we do. We continue these values throughout the entire business which includes the business practices and operations, customer service, materials and techniques as well as the customer experience.


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Sustainable Business Practices
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