The Story of Framing Elegance:

Framing Elegance is a family owned and operated business specializing in custom picture framing in Sale, Victoria. We believe that you can only supply the best when you focus most of your attention to a single area, in our case that is picture framing.

Framing Elegance showroom

Framing Elegance showroom

We came into the picture framing industry in 2009 knowing very little about picture framing. It was soon apparent that the training provided when we took over the business was rather out of date, as was the store front and the equipment and materials in use.

We set about rectifying this and continue to search for quality training to improve not only our skills, but also the products offered and our approach to you, our valued customers. Framing Elegance can now boast to have one of the best trained group of team members, using some of the most up to date equipment and materials in the country.

Gone from the store front is the faded red shag pile carpet, the mission brown coloured ceiling, the deleted frame samples, the peg board display walls and the piles of materials stacked around the walls and on the floor. Time to leave the 1980’s and move into the 21stcentury.

Since purchasing the business in 2009, we have grown from having a single person business to having a staff of 4.

We undertake all your picture framing in our own workshop which is equipped with modern, state of the art equipment and use quality materials and techniques on all work undertaken.


Framing Elegance sample wall

Framing Elegance sample wall


2011 saw Wayne achieving the certification of Certified Picture Framer and he is still the only framer in Gippsland with this qualification and one of approximately 25 or so qualified in Australia.

In 2013 we added large format printing to the business to offer our customers a one stop location for their printing and framing needs. Normally printing A4 or larger, using the industry standard Epson Pro 9900 printer onto photo paper, fine art paper or canvas. The equipment is colour calibrated regularly and offers exceptional print quality and a prompt turnaround time.

Another great reason to use Framing Elegance for all of you’re framing needs.

The products and techniques we use for our customers are the same as those we would use on our own projects. If it’s not good enough for us how can it be good enough for our customers.

Our aim is to provide framed articles which not only look great but also provide a high level of protection. To achieve this we offer almost exclusively preservation grade materials and techniques for you’re framing needs, such as preservation grade mat boards, 99% UV blocking glass and mounting using reversible methods and materials. These materials do cost slightly more than the budget offerings available, but the improvement in the life expectancy and the protection offered for the framed item easily outweighs the minor cost difference.

Framing Elegance continues to search for new ideas and offerings for our customers and love to hear from you if you would like to see new products or services made available. We have listened to these requests and now offer quality pre-made frames using Italian hand finished mouldings and have a good selection of original and limited edition artworks for purchase. These change regularly and we would encourage you to drop in on a regular basis to see what new items are available. In our retail stores you can find products which rival, and in some aspects exceed, the best metropolitan outlets, so why travel when all of your needs can be met locally.

As we have established ourselves as one of the premier picture framers in the country we have picked up numerous awards for not only picture framing but also for sustainable practices, retail, and innovation and excellence in business. We are justifiably proud of these achievements and continue to promote not only our business but also what the Gippsland region has to offer to the world.

Join the increasing number of satisfied customers who have had their art or photos, etc. Framed by FRAMING ELEGANCE.


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